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Location- Annville PA                  Phone#- 717-507-4506                Email-  r.bashore1969@gmail.com

NOTE: the phone number change - text or call- if no one answers leave a message

NOTE: new email

It is with great sadness we announce the devastating loss of Sherry Bashore. 

Sherry was a wife, mother, grandma, daughter, sister, follower of christ, dairy advocate, american lineback dairy cattle lover and co-owner of Plenty-Good Dairy. 

She was the literal backbone of our farm and family. Managing the books, website, paperwork, phone calls, emails, kids etc. on farm and off. 

 We ask that you bare with us as we begin picking up the pieces and trying to wrap our heads around our lives without her. 

Above Photo: (L-R)  Our Matriarchs-  Anna-Red VG86, Jewel EX 90 2E, Precious EX 92 91MS 

This website was created for our Farm and also to educate and inform people who are interested in American Lineback Dairy Cattle Breed. 

The American Lineback Dairy Cow is our Specialty! 

We currently market Registered Lineback Bulls and Semen year round.

We have 20 years worth of experience owning, breeding, registering and showing Lineback Dairy Cattle!

We affectionately call Linebacks a "Poor Man's Holstein". 

Lineback Dairy Cattle will milk as well as holstein and there components will be just a tad better. Linebacks' are very trouble free cattle while doing this.

Above Photo: (L-R) Starlight-Red VG85 @ 3yrs, DP VG89 91MS @ 3yrs, Mystique EX91 93MS @ 3yrs, Dandy VG88 @ 6yrs

 All four cows are home bred.

 Bulls of All Ages & Semen FOR SALE year round!!


We are breeders of three Lineback bulls that have went into a active AI stud


Plenty-Good Torro Pro-RC (76LD550)

Plenty-Good Ross Mystic-Red (76LD556) and  (120LD1855) 

 Plenty-Good Theo Top-Red at ST Genetics (151LD600)

We also have semen for sale direct from our farm, check out our semen web page.

 *We collect new bulls a few times a year!  Be sure to check out what we have available!

 Semen availability changes frequently call or text for the most accurate list!

We have entered the POLLED genetics bandwagon with semen available!  

PLEASE call us with your questions and/or orders!